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logosHelping conservation careers and heritage employers across the UK, the IHBC regularly updates NewsBlog readers about the diverse career opportunities posted on our Jobs etc. service, with recent offerings extending from a charity Chief Executive (CE: Heritage Lincolnshire) and finance & admin officer (Cleveland Trust) to building inspectors (Stirling), surveyors (National Trust) and much more – so sign up for free alerts today to stay ‘in the know’ on IHBC’s Jobs etc.!

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘The IHBC Jobs etc service continues to register the wide demand from employers – regulators as well as wider public, commercial and charity operations – for posts that require the full spectrum of conservation and heritage-related skills aligned with IHBC membership and accreditation.’

‘Conservation skills that map to the IHBC’s core skills and accreditation standards – with their unique ties to established national and international interdisciplinary standards – usually loom large across our jobs adverts, including public, private and voluntary sector employers.  This round continues that trend!’

‘Significantly, and very welcome too in terms of the wide scope of the IHBC’s Jobs etc service, the sheer number of recent posts is impressive. In addition, the diverse roles and varied employers reflect pretty much all service levels and sectors, and they are looking to the IHBC’s interdisciplinary heritage network to secure those skills and practice standards.’

At more senior management levels, for example, Heritage Lincolnshire seeks a new Chief Executive.  This represents the ongoing – if still too sporadic – formal recognition of the value of professional skills and links  at top levels in heritage bodies.

Of course, national heritage bodies are regularly (though of course not exclusively) using the IHBC’s service for core conservation roles,  including: Historic England (Partnerships; Environment Planning Adviser; Historic Places Adviser; Inspector of Historic Buildings and Areas), English Heritage (Senior National Project Manager & National Project Manager); the National Trust (Building Surveyor; Building & Landscape Design Adviser – Adaptive Re-use).  Scotland is notable for its absence from this otherwise inclusive listing, though IHBC’s featuring of the Highlands and Islands in its recent Context will hopefully help raise profile there.

In almost surprising contrast to the national heritage bodies, more modest charities from across almost all the Home Countries have taken advantage of the open and transparent recruitment offered by the IHBC’s service.  They see comfort this process gives to trustees, as those individuals ultimately responsible for staff employed by the charity.’

‘So, we can see the IHBC’s service being used by bodies such as Stirling City Heritage Trust (Traditional Buildings Inspector (Building Professional or Craftsperson); Heritage Lincolnshire (Conservation Projects Officer); The Cleveland Pools Trust (Community Liaison and Volunteer Officer, and Finance and Administrative Officer)(now closed), and of course the IHBC itself, for its new Professional Development (PD) Officer (now closed).

Church bodies also look to the IHBC more often these days, including the Diocese of Sheffield (Buildings Officer) and the Diocese of Worcester (Heritage & Conservation consultancy opportunities)(now closed).

Local authorities, naturally, continue to figure highly as employers using the service, as they seek to build on the IHBC’s uniquely relevant interdisciplinary skills and accreditation networks.  These include the conservation professional competences underpinned by the full panoply of principles and actions defined under the ICOMOS 1993 conservation guidelines.  As practitioners know, all these threads come together in the IHBC’s joint ‘Conservation Professional Practice Principles’.

Seeking such standards and competences in their staff, recent users of the IHBC’s network include: Somerset West and Taunton (Planning Specialist – Conservation); Warwick District Council (Assistant Conservation Officer); Royal Borough of Greenwich: (Conservation Officer), Rushcliffe Borough Council (Conservation Officer); Stockport Council (Townscape Heritage Manager): Northumberland County Council (AONB Historic and Built Environment Officer); New Forest National Park Authority (Senior Building Design and Conservation Office)(now closed) and Chiltern District Council & South Bucks District Council (Conservation/ Listed Buildings Officer).

Bodies with a more complex operating context, such as BeFirst (London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Council’s new regeneration company, tasked with implementing an ambitious Townscape Heritage initiative in the Abbey and Barking Town Centre Conservation Area), are no less aware of the value of using the IHBC to underpin an open and inclusive recruitment processes.

Private sector employers also see the value of the network-specific targeting of offered IHBC’s recruitment service, and the great value it offers.  Recent advertisers include: Stephen Levrant – Heritage Architecture Ltd: Senior Associate Heritage Consultant (Manchester Office); Tavernor Consultancy (Senior Townscape and Heritage Advisor); Montagu Evans (Graduate (Historic Environment and Townscape) – Planning and Development, and Researcher – Architectural and Urban History (Heritage Team);  LUC (Historic Environment Consultant)(now closed)  and, in Northern Ireland, the titular practice of IHBC Full member – and regular Annual School attendee – Alastair Coey (Historic Buildings Specialists).

Clearly employers from all heritage-related areas see the IHBC’s jobs service as a fast and easy way to recruit the people they need, while also comfort to employers, trustees and directors that they have opted for the rigorous – and as such, the most appropriate – core recruitment platform.

In summary, recent posts include those below (all with different application dates, some closed and with links inactive):

The IHBC Jobs etc service reaches a uniquely diverse heritage network of practitioners and advisers from different specialist backgrounds, including architects, planners, engineers, archaeologists, historians, builders, contractors, academics and many more!

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