Manchester tops land use table to develop over a third of its green belt

websiteManchester has become the first city in England to develop more than a third of its Green Belt, analysis of new figures by modular homes developer Project Etopia reveals, Planning, BIM & Construction Today (pbctoday) reveals.

pbctoday writes:

The Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has published detailed development breakdowns for Green Belts for 185 local authority areas for the first time. Analysis of the data reveals that 34.3% of Manchester’s Green Belt has already been developed. But nationally it is striking how little Green Belt development is due to housebuilding. In Manchester — which compares unfavourably with a national average of 8.4% Green Belt development — the proportion given over to residential is just 0.1%. A huge chunk of the city’s Green Belt (28.2%) is occupied by transport and utilities — more than double any other area.

The average proportion developed among England’s major cities excluding Manchester is even lower than the national average at 7.4%. However, the largest proportion of residential development is the 2.7% recorded in Mid Sussex. The figures highlight for the first time how residential developments represent a relatively small source of development. The average proportion taken up by residential development across England is 0.28%, compared with 4.6% occupied by transport and utilities.…

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Manchester tops land use table to develop a third of its green belt

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