IHBC CPD Boost: Do you know your JCT and contract updates? See the latest in the free download ‘JCT: From contract to construction’

websiteThe free ebook. ‘JCT: From contract to construction’, looks at the latest insights on construction contracts from the JCT (in origin, the ‘Joint Contracts Tribunal’) and the evolution of its offerings in an ever-changing business and political environment.

JCT writes:

Since 1931 JCT has produced standard forms of construction contract, guidance notes and other standard forms of documentation for use by the construction industry.

Today JCT provides a larger and more comprehensive range of contract documentation than any other contract-producing body in the UK construction industry.

JCT became a Limited Company in 1998 and the organisation is comprised of seven member bodies. The members of the company represent the sectors of the industry who are the key participants (i.e. signatories) in the contract process.

JCT’s Members:

Each of the member organisations nominate a Director to the Company Board, who sit under the Chair. In addition, The JCT Council contains 47 representatives from the company’s five ‘Colleges’.

It is through the Colleges that new forms of contract and amendments to existing contracts are produced.

JCT’s Colleges:

  • Employers, Clients and Local Authorities (British Property Federation, Local Government Association)
  • Consultants (Association for Project Management, Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors, Royal Institute of British Architects, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors)
  • Contractors (Contractors Legal Grp Limited)
  • Specialists and Sub-contractors (Build UK)
  • Scottish Building Industry (Scottish Building Contract Committee Limited)

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See more background to the JCT and see more on the JCT

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