Download IHBC’s Code of Conduct: Updated design layout, but the same old high expectations and standards

documentThe IHBC has reissued its core professional and practice standard, our Code of Conduct, in a new layout that better reflects our modern branding, while still keeping to the old, familiar – and respected – text, and its high standards and expectations.

IHBC Secretary Jo Evans, and ex officio member  of the IHBC’s Preliminary Inquiry Panel (which assesses complaints to see if there is a case to answer) said: ‘Members of the IHBC are required to conduct their professional activities in accordance with the institute’s Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct dictates that IHBC Members should act with competence, honesty and integrity, providing informed professional advice on behalf of the historic environment.’’

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘The IHBC’s Code of Conduct is the IHBC’s ‘Bible’ and our ‘10 Commandments’, all rolled into one’.

The IHBC writes:

Given the wide range of factors shaping our historic places, not all members of the IHBC will provide the same recommendations under similar circumstances. However all members are required to be able to inform and justify their advice in line with relevant professional standards.

The IHBC’s professional standards operate under the oversight of the IHBC’s ruling Council. The Code of Conduct specifies the professional standards expected of IHBC members. The IHBC’s Code of Conduct may be downloaded here.

To lodge a complaint against the professional conduct of an IHBC member you must complete the complaint form available here (MS word) (PDF)

This form is for situations where a complainant believes an IHBC member has acted contrary to the professional standards of the Code of Conduct and wishes to pursue an allegation of improper conduct by lodging a formal complaint.

We do hope that before any formal complaint is made other avenues have been explored to resolve the issue and reach a settlement or understanding and the Institute is happy to help in this. Any informal queries or initial enquiries should be directed to, or addressed to Lydia Porter at IHBC, Jubilee House, High Street, Tisbury, Wiltshire, SP3 6HA.

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The IHBC’s Disciplinary Regulations Summary may be downloaded here.

The IHBC’s Disciplinary Process flowchart may be downloaded here.

Download the IHBC Code of Conduct

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