New IHBC Yearbook web resource launched: ‘Look back with pride (and perspective)… to IHBC 2007 and after’

websiteThe IHBC has extended its free web support for members and historic environment stakeholders with new online access to feature articles and officer updates from the IHBC’s annual report and reference, our celebrated Yearbook, so now anyone can look back on a decade and more of developments in and around the IHBC, and get a sense of how far we have come, and how much we have to do!

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly said: ‘The IHBC’s Yearbook, produced in partnership with our publisher Cathedral Communications, is the IHBC’s annual update on current issues for your institute – such as our officer updates and Annual School themes – as well as the diverse sectors we work with.  Now anyone can more easily understand what we have been – and still are – doing.’

‘Some Yearbook content has only limited value historically.  However the updates and feature articles – usually now tied to our School themes – have permanent value both as documents of our own history, and as reference resources for new generations of practitioners, often facing the same age-old challenges’.

‘Also, we’ve included little handy ‘helps’, such as putting ‘thumbnails’ on the individual titles to aid linking between the year and the School!’

See the links back to 2007 and at

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