Historic buildings on fire – Fisons Victorian factory near Ipswich destroyed, yet another sad prompt on the IHBC’s 2019 Nottingham School

websiteThe former Fisons warehouse in Bramford, near Ipswich, was the victim on another fire affecting our heritage. Listed Grade II and dating back to 1858 the building was destroyed by a fire thought to be arson.

Victorian Society president Griff Rhys Jones said the building was an ‘irreplaceable’ piece of history, the building should have been seen as ‘a magnificent opportunity’, not a ‘white elephant’.  ‘We cannot afford to lose our industrial heritage like this.’

As the IHBC Annual School approaches, another major fire hits a historic building.  The IHBC Annual School in Nottingham from 4th to 6th July will cover all manner of possible risk to heritage, including fire, and will look at how risk can be managed and resilience developed.

To book the 2019 School: Visit the School’s website nottingham2019.ihbc.org.uk or book direct:

Full School: Thursday 4 – Saturday 6 July 2019
Day School: Friday 5 July 2019

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Read Griff Rhys Jones’s comment

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