UK flood planners ‘must prepare for worst’, says the Environment Agency, via the BBC: IHBC’s 2019 School can help professionals prepare!

riverEngland’s flood planners must prepare for the worst on climate change, the Environment Agency has warned in a report by the BBC in an only too timely strategic plan that is especially relevant to the IHBC’s 2019 School in Nottingham, on 4-6 July.

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The recently launched Environment Agency ‘Draft flood strategy’ aims to see government policy ensuring all publicly-funded infrastructure is resilient to flooding and coastal change by 2050.

Agency Chair Emma Howard Boyd, said: ‘We can’t win a war against water by building away climate change with infinitely high flood defences.’  She called for more to be done to encourage property owners to rebuild homes after flooding in better locations, and with improvements such as raised electrics, hard flooring and flood doors, rather than just ‘recreating what was there before’.  However, she warned that in some places ‘the scale of the threat may be so significant that recovery will not always be the best long term solution’ and communities would need help to ‘move out of harm’s way’.

The numerous possible implications for historic buildings and areas jump out of just this single paragraph; moving whole communities; flood doors; ‘recovery not being the best long term solution’; and ‘not recreating what was there before’.  Starting to think about what might happen to the heritage of your area if flooding becomes a regular issue or mitigation might be equally damaging.

The IHBC Day School begins to unpick these issues with two speakers in the ‘flooding’ section of the 2019 Day School ‘Heritage, Risk & Resilience: confronting conservation calamities’ in Nottingham on Friday 5 July will be James Innerdale, on sensitive intervention for flood resilience, & Helen Brownlie, on dealing with the after effects of flood particularly in Cockermouth.

To book the 2019 School: Visit the School’s website or book direct:

Full School: Thursday 4 – Saturday 6 July 2019
Day School: Friday 5 July 2019

For background see the BBC NewsGov.UK and the Environment Agency

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