IHBC’s 2019 ‘Nottingham School’: ‘Money is not the barrier’ to top notch CPD, as bursaries are still available!

websiteBursaries from the IHBC’s UK-wide allocation are still available for the 2019 Annual School in Nottingham on 4-6 July, themed on ‘Heritage, Risk & Resilience – confronting conservation calamities’ and offering some of the best heritage learning and CPD around: up to 9 hours for the Day School and AGM or up to 24 hours over the 3-day Full School, including networking.

IHBC Education Secretary Andrew Shepherd said: ‘IHBC Bursaries are available and competition for the funds is always strong. If you do want to apply for the bursary support, start following the web guidance promptly, and with care. Remember too that some of our Branches also offer bursary support, and you can find out more from them direct.’

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly said: ‘With bursary funds still available, access to finance cannot be the reason to miss out on developing your learning, skills, networking and professional development with us.

‘So please don’t let a shortage of cash make you miss this unique chance build your future career, to learn more about the complex and fascinating issues for heritage and ‘confronting conservation calamities’.

‘Remember too that applicants are assessed primarily on a ‘first-come’ basis – though of course there are some inevitable restrictions on needs – so do apply now.

‘And if you are not an IHBC member already, you can always strengthen your case by joining us online now, while if on no wage or low wage, you can get up to a 100% reduction in fees if you take the effort and make the case!’

For more on last year’s School, IHBC Annual School Belfast – Our shared heritage and the learning and fun had there – see the special issue of Context, in hard copy by your bedside or online

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Visit the School’s website nottingham2019.ihbc.org.uk or book direct:

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Speakers on ‘legal issues around conservation calamities’
Speakers on ‘structure and structural failure’
Keynote Speaker
Speakers on ‘fire and heritage assets’
Speakers on ‘floods and flooding’
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For more information on Bursaries visit the website and for background see the IHBC NewsBlog

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