IHBC’s 2019 ‘Yearbook’ now out, introduced by Kate Mavor, English Heritage CEO: ‘Extending the reach of the IHBC and the 2019 School’

publication coverSome 6000 copies of the IHBC’s Yearbook for 2019 – introduced by Kate Mavor, Chief Executive of the English Heritage – are being distributed to members, stakeholders and sector leaders, with feature articles linked to the IHBC’s 2019 School theme of ‘Heritage, Risk & Resilience…’ (Nottingham, 4-6 July), and including our regular IHBC reviews, updates and listings, from IHBC’s HESPR listing to our Recognised Conservation Courses and member directory.

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘Not only do we still work hard at doing the great work we’ve always done, offering our members a stunning reference Yearbook to complement our Annual School, but now we work even harder getting that product out to even more people, so they know just what IHBC members do, what we support, and why!’

‘Extending the reach of the IHBC and the 2019 School with this outreach, we know we are making the very best use of all the IHBC can offer – including from our volunteers, our members and our networks.’

Kate Mavor writes:

I am delighted to introduce this 2019 edition of the IHBC Yearbook, and its highly relevant theme, ‘Heritage Risk and Resilience: confronting conservation calamities’.  Although it may come as a surprise, there couldn’t be a more fitting topic for English Heritage, as our conservation specialists find themselves addressing on a daily basis the impacts of more than 500 years of historical calamities wreaked upon the historic sites in our care….

Whatever challenges face the 400-plus unique places in our care, by focusing on a sustainable approach to conservation we can reduce risk and increase their resilience in the long-term. I commend to you the excellent articles in this edition of the yearbook and this year’s IHBC Annual School which shares the same theme.’

2019 Yearbook features include:

  • Dramas out of crises: David McDonald
  • Chair’s review: James Caird
  • Resource planning and investing for the longer term: Seán O’Reilly
  • Risk management: Ingval Maxwell
  • Climate change: Mairi H Davies
  • Preparing for climate change: John Preston
  • Earthquakes: Andrea Bendetti
  • Fires in historic buildings: Simon Kincaid
  • Heritage at war: Bijan Rouhani
  • 3D digitization: Alexy Karenowska

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