Another historic building hit by fire: Major fire in the former Church of St John the Evangelist, Blackburn

websiteThe former Church of St John the Evangelist, Blackburn, now the Bureau Centre for the Arts, has been the subject of a major fire.

The 1789 Grade II-listed building is the oldest church in the town and was deconsecrated in 1975.  Firefighters fought to save its stained glass windows and original features but could not remain inside due to the imminent collapse of timber-framed balconies and roof trusses.

As the IHBC Annual School approaches, another major fire hits a historic building.   Like many historic building fires this was not a big country house or a major cathedral with fire management plans in place, pre-existing liaison with the fire service or procedures for the removal of important artefacts.  But it is still devastating to those involved with the building and the community. Conservation and built environment professionals will be at the forefront of dealing with what to do in the aftermath of disaster.

What would you do confronted by this type of fire and how do you prepare for calamity?

IHBC’s Annual School in Nottingham in 2019 could provide some of the answers.  The IHBC Annual School in Nottingham from 4th to 6th July will cover all manner of possible risk to heritage, including fire, and will look at how risk can be managed and resilience developed.

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