IHBC offers sympathies to Paris – and Europe and beyond – on Notre Dame fire, as scale of damage continues under review

websiteWith the assessment of the scale of the fire damage to Notre Dame and its causes still ongoing, the IHBC offers its sympathies to the people of France, to Europe and to the world.

On behalf of the IHBC, Chair James Caird said: ‘The fire at Notre Dame has profoundly affected Parisians, the French nation and the rest of the world.  Loss of heritage on this scale is properly being described as a disaster.

‘However, the IHBC is confident that France has the heritage, design and craft skills necessary to effect a restoration to the most exacting international standards and hopes that this can be adequately resourced.

‘We would like to assure all those concerned of our very best wishes for what will inevitably be a very lengthy and complex task.’

For more background see the BBC Reports: Link 1  Link 2

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