Cadbury treasure hunt ad withdrawn after complaints

websiteCadbury has withdrawn an advertising campaign urging children to dig for treasure after archaeologists said it encouraged people to break the law.

BBC News writes:

The campaign on its website called on children to ‘grab a metal detector’ and dig holes looking for gold or treasure. Dr Aisling Tierney, of Bristol University, said it was ‘intensely stupid’ and people could be prosecuted for digging without permission.

Cadbury confirmed it had removed the campaign web page…

Historic England said: ‘There are strict rules that protect England’s archaeological heritage, including laws governing use of metal detectors.  We are glad to see the campaign website is no longer live, and would be happy to advise Cadbury to make sure any future campaign doesn’t have unwelcome results.’

Cadbury said the campaign was aimed at inspiring families ‘to go on everyday adventures together’…

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