Historic England Technical Conservation Guidance and Research update

publication coverFor a quick guide to Historic England’s technical conservation guidance and research see the new brochure. (Update to NewsBlog of  28/08/18)

Historic England writes:

Our Technical Conservation Guidance brochure lists all our current free-to-download technical conservation guidance and research reports. It also includes information on our series of Practical Building Conservation books and guides on building stone types.

This brochure will help you find publications and web pages on topics such as:

  • Repairing timber and metal windows
  • Repointing brick and stone walls
  • Improving energy efficiency in historic homes
  • Insulating roofs, walls, draughty chimneys, floors
  • Installing renewable energy systems such as heat pumps
  • Inspecting and maintaining fibrous plaster ceilings
  • Finding suitable replacement stone for building repairs
  • Converting farm buildings
  • Finding wall paintings
  • Preparing for and recovering from flooding
  • Planning for emergencies like fire
  • Conserving war memorials
  • Looking after parks and gardens
  • Managing wildlife and habitats

The brochure also shows the links between our guidance and our research work underpinning our advice.

The January 2019 edition includes new advice on:

  • Insuring historic buildings
  • Reducing fire risks in thatched properties
  • Installing solar arrays on historic buildings
  • Carrying out hot works (work involving naked flames) in historic buildings

Download the Technical Conservation Guidance and Research brochure.

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