IHBC Branches: Support your local ‘Successful learners in heritage skills’ with a nomination to our Marsh Awards and a chance of £500 cash and a place at Nottingham’s 2019 School

IHBC Marsh winner learningIHBC Branches can celebrate successful local learners in heritage craft, trade and related conservation practices, with a nomination for IHBC’s Marsh Award for ‘Successful Learning in Heritage Skills’, closing on 28 February, offering a unique chance to secure the £500 cash and Full School place! 

IHBC President David McDonald said: ‘The IHBC Marsh Award for Successful Learners in Heritage Skills’ is designed to recognise the contribution of an individual for their significant learning in traditional building activities and craft skills.’

‘The nomination process is extremely simple, while the winners are recognised with cash awards of £500 and a free full place at the IHBC’s Annual School every June, where we present the awards’

‘For learners, both the funding and the education from the School could be a critical step-up in their trade or career.’

He added: ‘So please do consider promoting nominations or, for someone deserving that you know, completing the easy-fill form yourself.

It does take a little effort, but could make all the difference to someone’s life skills or cherished projects.’

Nomination forms must be submitted by February 28th each year.

For full details visit the IHBC Marsh Awards website

Click to nominate someone for the IHBC Marsh Learning Award

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