IHBC at London’s Listed Property Show: Recap and a huge thanks to our volunteers and leads!

peopleThe IHBC CPD partnership with the Listed Property Owners Club (LPOC) has again secured free places for members and an IHBC stand at the London Listed Property Show, which took place at the Olympia on 9-10 February, and offered free CPD sessions led by IHBC President David McDonald and Research Consultant Bob Kindred, so huge thanks are due all round!

Lucie Carayon, Director at Ancient Monuments Society (AMS) and a members of IHBC’s Council+ programme, who helped host the IHBC’s stand said: ‘The event was a great opportunity to talk to a wide range of people – including owners, craftspeople and colleagues in the sector – about the work of the IHBC. It was a really successful event and I hope it will be repeated next year!’

Theodora Koukou, UCL Alumni and Part II Architectural Assistant at Martin Ashley Architects helped out all Sunday, and said: ‘It has been a great experience volunteering for IHBC in the Listed Property Show! I was given the opportunity to learn more about IHBC, its wide network of members, and its important cause.’

‘I also had the opportunity to meet some of IHBC’s people whose input showed great professionalism and passion for what they are doing. As a volunteer I had the chance of both assisting Carla and Sean in handling people’s enquiries, and also attended lectures from some of the most knowledgeable experts in the field: Bob & David!’

‘Apart from that, I got to meet and interact with people from many different disciplines, which was invaluable for networking.’

‘So I would definitely suggest to anyone that is interested in architecture, conservation and related sectors to be involved with IHBC in such events!’

Carla Pianese, IHBC Support Officer says: ‘Managing the IHBC stand offers very good opportunity to network with other professionals in the sector and show the benefits of IHBC professional services.’

‘I’m always delighted to get some extra help and interest from our incredible volunteers – busy professionals who are spending their free time with us, championing the heritage profession! A sincere thank you to all on behalf of the IHBC!’

If you are interested in volunteering with IHBC at the select national events, contact Carla at support@ihbc.org.uk.

Next events include:

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