IHBC’s 2018 ‘Out of School CPD Boost’, in Context, No. 2: ‘Transforming Shared Heritage’

Titanic Belfast Wiki entryThe third session of the IHBC Annual School in Belfast looked at successful projects where heritage-led transformation had played a part in ensuring that heritage was at the heart of the project values, so why not take some time to review some examples of best practice in your own area, and consider how the examples discussed at Belfast may apply in your own work?

Each presentation offered different insights into the professional skills required to help transform community spaces.

So why not get some local IHBC members and colleagues from different professional backgrounds to get gather together ‘on site’ to critique a local project that had – or lacked – ‘transformational’ power, and what skills were used, or absent!

Remember too ‘on site’ could mean anything: a home, a local café, pub, hotel, church or sports centre, or even your own offices or familiar spaces…

See, for prep and background, Context 156, on the IHBC’s Belfast School:

View more information on recommended CPD methods for IHBC members.

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