California island (had) offered $130,000 for new lighthouse keepers

websiteIn 1980, a group of preservationists won permission to renovate the lighthouse and take over its maintenance, while the local inn now pays for the upkeep of the lighthouse and other structures, and recently the current operators, Che Rodgers and Jillian Meeker, decided to hand over the keys to the 1874 lighthouse turned bed and breakfast to a new couple , in an opportunity now closed.

CNN Travel writes:

East Brother Light Station dates back to 1874, it was established to help sailors navigate the misty waters surrounding San Francisco. Automated in the 1960s, the lighthouse is still operating — it’s owned by the US Coast Guard and maintained by nonprofit group East Brother Lighthouse Inc. It’s been a West Coast bed and breakfast staple since 1979.

‘I’ve been working on it for nearly 40 years and initially it was abandoned and we rehabilitated it and then we looked for some way to produce an ongoing revenue to maintain it,’ local mayor of Richmond, California, Tom Butt tells CNN Travel. Butt’s also the head of the nonprofit that runs the lighthouse. ‘It’s in a unique location, it’s in San Francisco Bay on an island and it’s one of the few — maybe the only — bed and breakfast inns that operates in a lighthouse on an island,’ he adds.

The East Brother website describes visiting the lighthouse as ‘an adventuresome outdoor experience’… There are five rooms available, all named after the view from the room’s window — from the Marin room to San Francisco.

East Brother prides itself on serving high quality culinary options, the current house breakfast specialty is a delicious-sounding French Toast Soufflé.

Funds earned by the inn go towards restoration and maintenance of the historic building. Applicants need to have past experience in hospitality and a seafaring… You’ll need a US Coast Guard commercial boat operator’s license… if you don’t have it, you’re not going to get it…

Other job requirements include serving high quality food, housekeeping and ferrying guests from the mainland to the island. The inn’s open four days a week and also hosts special events, including weddings…

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For more background visit SFGate and the EBLS website


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