IHBC welcomes 2019 School speakers, on ‘Floods and flooding’: James Innerdale (interventions) & Helen Brownlie (case studies)

flyerThe IHBC has announced two speakers for the ‘flooding’ section of the 2019 Day School ‘Heritage, Risk & Resilience: confronting conservation calamities’ in Nottingham on Friday 5 July: James Innerdale, on sensitive intervention for flood resilience, & Helen Brownlie, on dealing with the after effects of flood particularly in Cockermouth.

IHBC East Midlands Branch School Organizing Committee Chair Justin Webber said: ‘The branch was keen to get speakers on the subject of flooding who came with a sophisticated understanding of dealing with heritage assets and the unique challenges that they present.’

‘As a leading conservation architect in the north of England and the former Technical Officer for the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, James Innerdale has extensive experience in the sensitive design of flood resilience interventions in the historic built environment. He authored SPAB’s guidance on understanding flood risk that detailed management guidance for before, during and after a flooding incident. At a recent training event on managing heritage assets in the East Midlands his talk was described by one delegate as ‘inspirational’ and we hope that his passion and knowledge for the subject will make for a valuable contribution to the day.’

‘Providing a complementary perspective, we are delighted that Helen Brownlie, the Conservation Officer for Allerdale Borough Council, will provide a case study on the Cockermouth Flood incident.  Helen was intimately involved in the local Council’s management and response to flooding that significantly impacted on conservation areas in her part of Cumbria.  Gaining national media coverage, the flooding was notable for the initial impact, but also the award winning project that the Council developed in the aftermath in response.’

The School will cover all manner of possible risk to heritage and look at how risk can be managed and resilience developed.  The focus of the School will include Fire, Structural failure, Terrorism, Heritage at Risk, Flooding, Law & Philosophy

Booking will open soon and details are available on the School website where you will find more information about the programme, venue and study tours is added regularly.

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Booking will open soon and details are available at nottingham2019.ihbc.org.uk where you will find that more information about the programmevenues and study tours is added regularly.

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