IHBC’s 2019 Nottingham School fires up with new speakers: Liz Davidson (Glasgow School of Art) and Steve Emery (‘what you really need to know’)

Glasgow School of Art FireflyerThe IHBC has announced two speakers on fire-related issues for the 2019 Day School–July 4-6, on ‘Heritage, Risk and Resilience’ – with Liz Davidson covering ‘the most iconic recent case study, the Glasgow School of Art’ and Steve Emery exploring ‘what conservation specialists really need to know’ about fire and heritage!

IHBC East Midlands Branch School Organizing Committee Chair Justin Webber said: ‘The branch are very pleased that the leading expert in the country on the challenge of fire and heritage assets has been secured for the conference.’

‘Steve Emery brings a wealth of experience on the subject from his specialist work for the University of Oxford and nearly twenty years working at Historic England. His experience dealing with specific building cases, but with a national brief will allow for an expansive overview of what conservation specialists really need to know in terms of understanding this area of work.’

‘To complement the broader learning points from Steve Emery, the most iconic recent case study will also be explored: the fires at the Glasgow School of Art have secured global media coverage and are one of the most notable series of news items to relate to the heritage sector in recent years.’

‘Liz Davidson is not only the Project Manager of the Restoration Project for the Glasgow School of Art, but benefits from past roles as the Head of Heritage and Design at Glasgow City Council and as Director of Glasgow Building Preservation Trust.  With further roles at Historic Scotland and the Scottish Civic Trust, as well as a long list of accolades and trustee roles, there is no one better placed to explore this case and pull out the fundamentals.’

What would you do confronted by a major fire and how do you prepare for calamity? IHBC’s Annual School in Nottingham in 2019 could provide some of the answers.

The School will cover all manner of possible risk to heritage and look at how risk can be managed and resilience developed.  The focus of the School will include Fire, Structural failure, Terrorism, Heritage at Risk, Flooding, Law & Philosophy.

Booking will open soon and details are available on the School website where you will find more information about the programme, venues and study tours is added regularly.

For more on the East Midlands Branch see the branch webpage

See and bookmark the 2019 Nottingham School website nottingham2019.ihbc.org.uk or look out for updates via the NewsBlogs, Events Calendar and follow us @IHBCTweet and on Facebook

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