IHBC’s ‘CPD Boost’ ex Context: Sarah Crofts on ‘Creating warm and welcoming homes for social housing tenants in historic properties’

peopleIn the 2018 School issue of Context Sara Crofts – formerly of the HLF and recently appointed as the new CEO of ICON – explains how the IHBC Annual School Thursday tour, led by Siobhan Brown of the Hearth heritage division, Clanmil Housing Group, allowed delegates to see how previously ‘at risk’ historic buildings can help the wellbeing of social housing tenants.

image: John Preston

Clanmil Housing is now one of the largest custodians of historic properties in the country, and the tour offered an opportunity to debate the use of energy efficiency measures such as positive input ventilation (PIV) systems and sheep’s wool in the context of a real household, as well as tips on building positive relationships with tenants (thus benefitting the tenants and the building!) and dealing with working with consultants who do not understand historic buildings. Sara Crofts concludes that learning, communication and engagement, and using expertise well are the three key lessons in this case study, which can be applied both in Belfast and beyond.

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