IHBC School sponsor and promotional brochure now out; the best way to catch up with your colleagues in 2019!

documentThe IHBC has launched its 2019 Nottingham School Sponsor and Promotional document, so if you want to push out your business, agenda or learning to IHBC members and colleagues, then check this out to find our most cost-effective ways and means! 

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘We’ve been extending our forward planning to future Schools, to engage with new audiences and hard-to-reach sectors, and now we are making it even easier for our School sponsors and partners to promote their profile with us.’

‘If you want to see the full range of the most cost-effective ways to reach our members in 2019, just check out our new Nottingham School promotional brochure, or have a chat with any of us about opportunities that might suit you.’

IHBC’s Operations Director Fiona Newton said: ‘Our past sponsors and exhibitors know that the IHBC Annual School is a unique opportunity for conservation businesses of all types to promote their work to a large number of IHBC Members and other delegates.’

‘Our new promotional material will let more companies know that the Annual School is a great way to target potential specialist clients, advisers, specifiers and those influencing the choice of conservation products and services.’

Contact Fiona at operations@ihbc.org.uk

Download the 2019 Nottingham School Sponsor and Promotional document

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