IHBC ‘Members with benefits’: Free IHBC CPD and entry at London’s LPOC Property Show, 9-10 Feb

websiteThe IHBC has continued its CPD partnering with the Listed Property Owners Club (LPOC) into 2019 with free places for members and an IHBC stand on offer at the London Listed Property Show, on 9-10 February in the Olympia, as well as free CPD sessions from IHBC President David McDonald and Research Consultant Bob Kindred.


IHBC Members  wanting to attend the Show and/or IHBC CPD programme should email events@lpoc.co.uk giving their name, company, job role, postal address, email and phone number and IHBC Membership Number.

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘We’re delighted to be contributing to the 2019 London Property Show, especially as our partnership in the 2018 Show proved so very popular with members and the wider public.’

‘The 2019 Show offers another great opportunity for IHBC volunteers, members and staff to get together with the a huge range of public and informed client interests in traditional and historic buildings and places.’

In 2019 we hope to build on our successful partnership with the LPOC and its members as we help offer our usual high quality free CPD to all practitioners, as well as guidance to ensure that their clients look after their properties as best and as sensibly as they possible can’.

Free CPD programme plans are as follows (subject to conformation):

Saturday 9 February:

  • 11-12pm: David McDonald, IHBC President, ‘Tablets of Stone: dealing with heritage statements”
  • 2-3 pm, Bob Kindred, Consultant and IHBC Research Consultant, ‘What could possibly go wrong – heritage enforcement’

Sunday 10 February:

  • 11-12pm: Bob Kindred, Consultant and IHBC Research Consultant, ‘Dealing with Listed Buildings at Risk’.
  • 2-3pm: David McDonald, IHBC President, ‘Conservation and Change: new language, law and significance’

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