Career interests in heritage? See IHBC’s latest ‘Jobs etc.’ review of skills needs from the amenity bodies such as Victorian Society, to government and the private sector

logosTo help profile career opportunities across the conservation and heritage sectors, the IHBC now offers regular reviews of job openings and staff appointments featured in our ‘Jobs etc.’ service, so if you have an interest in a heritage related career of any sort, sign up for free alerts today!

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘Recent posts demonstrate the continued demand from employers advertising on the IHBC Jobs etc service for a wide range of conservation and heritage-related skills in new staff.’

‘Integrated conservation skills that map to the IHBC’s core interdisciplinary skills and accreditation standards loom especially large across our jobs adverts from public, private and voluntary sector employers.’

‘These  encompass a range of local and national authority conservation-focussed posts, such as at Kent County Council, Dartmoor National Park Authority, West Lindsey District Council, Elmbridge Borough Council, Bassetlaw District Council.’

‘Even among such employers there is also a wide range of disciplines represented, from the City of Wolverhampton Council’s call for a combined Urban Design and Conservation Officer, and East Lothian Council’s search for an HLF Project Officer & (CARS) Project Officer, as well as Mansfield District Council’s call for a Town Centre Townscape Heritage Project Officer.

The private sector is also well represented on the service, as ever.  It is currently looking for conservation skills across a more familiar range of built and historic environment disciplines: Heritage Architecture Ltd seeks an Architectural Intern, Montagu Evans seeks a Senior Heritage Planner (Planning and Development), CgMs Heritage a Director, and RSK a Built Heritage Advisor as Senior Consultant.

‘More niche employers such as amenity societies and others tie their posts to core roles and project-specific posts:  the Victorian Society seeks a Conservation Adviser, The Royal Household a Building Surveyor, The Churches Conservation Trust a Project Manager and Oxford Preservation Trust an Assistant Heritage and Planning Officer.’

‘Clearly all these employers value both the interdisciplinary and sector reach of our ‘Jobs etc.’ network as well as the transparency it offers as part of their corporate processes, including risk management.’

‘So if you are seeking a post with heritage-related skills, or just want to keep up to speed on what is out the and what people are being paid these days, be sure to sign up to our free Jobs etc alerts’.

Recent ‘Jobs etc.’postings include many that rem in open:

The IHBC Jobs etc service reaches a uniquely diverse heritage network of practitioners and advisers from different specialist backgrounds, including architects, planners, engineers, archaeologists, historians, builders, contractors, academics and many more!

IHBC Jobs etc offers:

  • Special reductions for posts specifying skills in conservation (10%) and heritage (5%)
  • Additional reductions for charities (25%)
  • Even more reductions for bulk sales (just ask!)
  • Free cross-promotion in IHBC’s HESPR ‘Weekly News and tender Alert’, where relevant
  • Weekly IHBC Jobs etc feature on the ever popular IHBC NewsBlogs
  • Circulation data feedback as standard.

IHBC Jobs etc offers:

  • c2000 specialist interests (IHBC members and non-members) by personal email
  • Feature page, illustration and summary on the IHBC Jobs etc website
  • IHBC website homepage scroll (c.300,000 page visits/month)
  • IHBC’s social networks (c.18,000 core users; c.27,000 extended links)

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See the full list on the IHBC Jobs etc service

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