IHBC’s ‘Heritage from the doorstep’: Renovation of Oxford’s historic Jam Factory building nears completion

websiteThe Oxford Mail has reported on major renovation work at Oxford’s historic Jam Factory building, which is nearing completion.

The Oxford Mail writes:

The site in Frideswide Square houses a restaurant, arts centre, office space and nightclub. Scaffolding is now covering the Grade II-listed building, which has its name because it was once the home of world-famous Frank Cooper’s marmalade. The first batch was made by Sarah-Jane Cooper in her family kitchen in 1874. The tasty spread was then produced on site between 1903 and 1958 – hence the name The Jam Factory.

Part of it is now the family-owned Jam Factory cafe and art gallery which opened its doors in November, 2006. Andrew Norton, who runs the Jam Factory, said renovation work which began in the summer is expected to be completed soon by Nuffield College which controls the building.

He added: ‘The Jam Factory is getting a new roof, new insulation and the stonework is being repointed – it’s an important part of the regeneration of the West End. It has been challenging during the past few months because there has been a slight decline in business but I can’t really complain because I have been asking for a roof that doesn’t leak for the past 13 years…

Mr Norton said the arts centre and cafe employs about 30 people and generates ‘substantial revenue’ for the local economy…

Mr Norton said on Sunday, for the ninth year running, The Jam Factory is hosting a free Christmas lunch for 160 pensioners…

Nuffield College bursar Gwilym Hughes said renovation work, part of regenerating the West End, could be concluded before the end of the year.

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