IHBC’s ‘Christmas Gift’ No.3: ‘Best of the Blogs’ – 100 most popular NewsBlog pages of 2018, from ‘free tasters’ to ‘BS 7913’ and more

For your Christmas (and New Year) perusal, the IHBC offers a listing of then top 100 pages of our hugely popular NewsBlog services visited by readers over 2018, which include free taster ‘NewsBlogs’ and BS 7913, as they demonstrate just how substantial and wide-ranging are the benefits of IHBC membership.

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘The IHBC’s NewsBlog service is a hugely important and popular resource for the sector, and now boasts some 120,000 visitors a year to that IHBC site alone – and nearly half a million visits – up 16% on last year.’

‘Perusing the top 100 should make members proud that their professional body offers such a broad base of support and information across their inter-disciplinary networks.’

‘It is also a reminder of the many ways in which their work has been supported by their IHBC membership fees over the year, and the great value offered by IHBC, both as a professional body and as a charity’.

‘For example the IHBC-branded ‘BS 7913’ launch page, from 2014, still looms large in 2018 (no.13), and the Student Award announcements too (no.8) , as well as our free NewsBlog ‘tasters’ offer (at no.1)!’

‘These listings are the proverbial ‘trip down memory lane’ from 2018, for heritage and conservation specialists.  But they also register the full diversity of IHBC membership benefits as well as the wider sector support that is underpinned by anyone who takes out IHBC membership.’

For example:

  • IHBC’s core NewsBlog service: Sign-up for free trial (1)
  • IHBC sector support: Engagement with Historic England’s ‘at risk’ register survey (5)
  • IHBC celebration: Gus Astley Student Awards, 2017 winners (8)
  • IHBC’s 2018 School promotion of business opportunities (11)
  • IHBC Branches and Volunteering: g. South Branch’s ‘Yearning for Timelessness’ event (17)
  • IHBC’s NewsBlog information focus and distillation : Highlighting the BBC report that ‘more than half of North West England councils could consider selling parks’ (19)
  • IHBC’s policy and practice support: Drawing attention to the Court of Appeal’s statement on principles for consideration on the setting of listed buildings and the effect of developments (9)
  • IHBC’s local news focus, as we tie members’ practice and principles to local communities and outcomes, such as in our ‘Heritage from the doorstep’ NewsBlog updates (12)
  • IHBC’s CPD support and linked benefits: Such as in our free CPD support at the London Property Show (6)

IHBC’s ‘Top 20’ NewsBlog pages for 2018

1 Sign-up for free trial
2 DCLG confirms revised National Planning Policy Framework in Spring 2018 following consultations
3 Victorian Society marks 10 years of endangered buildings campaigning with new top 10 list 
4 IHBC Chair responds on Coventry’s controversial councillor’s conservation critique   
5 Have Your Say – Help HE shape the HAR register
6 More benefits for IHBC members – LPOC Property Show’s free IHBC CPD from Bob Kindred and more: drinks; networking; stands etc,  24-5 Feb, London (Book ASAP)  
7 IHBC on Revised NPPF: ‘From a built heritage perspective, the revised NPPF is an opportunity lost’
8 IHBC’s Student Awards for 2017 now out: Gus Astley Student Award and commendations at Belfast School in 2018 
9 Court of Appeal sets out principles in considering the setting of listed buildings and the effect of developments
10 IHBC tests international waters: Inspired by our Council+ lead and advisory forum
11 Looking for work? Book your promotional opportunities at the IHBC’s 2018 School: Belfast 21-23 June – #Europeforculture  
12 IHBC’s ‘Heritage from the doorstep’: Architect ordered to tear down award winning £4.65m home in Clerkenwell
13 New British Standard 7913 launch welcomed by IHBC
14 Proceedings from EECHB 2016 now available online
15 IHBC’s ‘VAT reminder’, as critical 10k of signatures near: Sign the LPOC’s petition to the Chancellor if you agree with the IHBC, that ‘…it is perverse that repairs should be subject to VAT when new development is not’
16 IHBC’s ‘Practice’ update: Lincolnshire local authority’s ‘national first’ offers a new approach to Conservation Area controls – 2 Article 4s and an LDO combined
17 IHBC South Branch on ‘Yearning for Timelessness…’: New architecture in historic settings, in talks and visits in Oxford, 26 Oct
18 REMINDER: IHBC’s 5-minute member survey closes 8 Jan!  
19 BBC investigation finds more than half of North West England councils could consider selling parks   
20 Topical CPD focusing on curtilage: An afternoon with Dr. Charles Mynors in Lincoln – Friday 9 Nov  

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