IHBC’s ‘CPD Boost’, collective and out of Context: ‘How can we communicate our shared heritage?’- Ask your co-workers and kick-start your own CPD boost!

peopleThe morning session of the IHBC Annual School in Belfast provided the opportunity to hear from practicing heritage professionals on methods for sharing our heritage, and a discussion on why (and for whom) we should do so, so maybe take some time to discuss with colleagues how you currently share and communicate your own work, both in your own organisation and beyond?

In Context 156, on the Belfast School, Katherine Owen and Gavin Creech provided an overview of Deborah Mays (Head of listing advice at Historic England) looking at communication and inclusion in the regulatory process, while Claire Brady reviewed the presentation by Alison McCandlish (Creative Director of Crenellated Arts and Social Media adviser to the IHBC) who discussed social media and shared communications.

Both speakers prompted discussions on how we share information and knowledge about heritage, and how we open up this process to ensure it is representative of our diverse communities and those who value and experience this shared heritage.

As a take away from these presentations, and a nudge to your colleagues to debate these issues, you may wish to consider:

  • Who is the audience for the heritage which you manage?
  • Which local, regional and national organisations have information about the heritage which you manage, or the area in which you work?
  • Can your knowledge add any information to existing archives (online or paper)?
  • What are the different methods you could use to spread the positive news about heritage projects which you work on?
  • Where is the best place to meet your potential audience.. where do they spend time and can you go to them?
  • How can you talk to your audience in different ways.. what might be a creative way to find out their views on heritage in your area?

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