IHBC’s latest Council+ corners the tables to see how best to deliver member services

peopleThe IHBC has concluded the 7th meeting of its ‘Council+’, the institute’s UK-wide forum for volunteers’ national oversight and development, which took place in Regents Park, London, which included an active ‘four corner debate’ on how best to deliver the most vital services to our members.

IHBC Chair James Caird said: ‘Our Council+ offers great opportunities to build skills and inform our planning and governance.  It also helps the careers and prospects of members joining in.  So if you do want to get involved, just let us know’.

‘This was the seventh Council + since they were introduced by the IHBC+ ‘experimental evolution’ of 2015 and they go from strength to strength.  Since the inception IHBC+ members continue to make it clear that they want the most democratic, transparent accessible organisation possible, while still putting values – both professional and economic – at the centre of their needs.’

‘Following a morning of reports and updates, including the programme of planning Annual Schools to Wales in 2022, the afternoon allowed IHBC volunteers from across the country volunteers to contribute their opinions and ideas.’

The afternoon ‘Forum’ used a ‘four-corner debate’ to test thoughts on how the IHBC might evolve to best present the vital services and core values sought by members.  Delegates positioned themselves around the room according to the level of agree  – or disagreement – with a series of different statements, with delegates describing their thoughts with and across the groups.

Fiona Newton said: ‘Responses from the groups were in some cases polar opposites but there was still a broad consensus on the importance of the core purposes and services of the IHBC – the value of professional standards, the need for good leadership and the value of volunteering.’

‘We hope that people found it interesting and certainly there were some really good discussions and suggestions coming up in the relatively short time available.’

Views at the Council+ four corner debate

graphicFor more background to Council+ see NewsBlog 10166 and NewsBlog 11636

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