IHBC’s ‘Out of Context’ CPD check-up and prize: ‘Who said that?’ – And what would you say back? FREE BS7913 for the best responses…

graphicEach issue of the IHBC’s membership journal Context features a selection of quotations and recent takes on all aspects historic building conservation, but can you identify who made these statements below, relating to accessibility and perceptions of SPAB, which are taken from the most recent issue. And what would you say back?

  • Quote 1: ‘I find it absolutely extraordinary that disability access comes second to heritage. I really find that bizarre. Well, that’s one way of saying ‘we don’t care about you’, isn’t it?
  • Quote 2: ‘The Paramilitary wing of the conservation movement, SPAB, is still relevant – more than ever when UK conservation has become muddied with nimbyism, and when the majority of consumer and lobbying groups peddle a soft soap and ambiguous approach to the historic environment… The one thing I’d like people to understand about SPAB is that it is progressive, and pragmatic.’

A free copy of the IHBC-branded BS 7913 is on offer to the most imaginative responses, which you can simply email to contact@ihbc.org.uk.  An IHBC Trustee will make the final selection.

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