IHBC CPD Green Issue QuickQuiz Part 2: Do you know the ABCs of EPCs? – The answers!

cartoonIn the last NewsBlog we offered you the chance to test your knowledge on energy performance certificates (EPC’s), and now is the time to see how well you did!

image: Rob Cowan for Context

The answers to our recent CPD NewsBlog QuickQuiz are below:

  1. How many categories of EPC are there? Answer: There are seven categories ranging from A to G (A being most energy efficient, G being classified as the least efficient)
  2. What do the initials STBA stand for? Answer: Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance
  3. What percentage of the current building stock do older and traditional buildings make up? Answer: Older and traditional buildings make up at least 25 per cent and up to 35 per cent of the existing building stock.
  4. When was the ruling on landlords being required to improve the EPC rating of their properties introduced? Answer: April 2018
  5. Who published the recent document ‘Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards and Heritage properties: mitigating risks through the procurement and interpretation of energy performance certificates’? Answer: ‘The Better Buildings Partnership’. You can download this document

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