IHBC CPD Green Issue QuickQuiz: Do you know the ABCs of EPCs? 

In the most recent issue of IHBC’s membership journal Context our Green Panel Convenor John Preston discussed the issues around applying Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) to traditional buildings, noting a recent call for evidence relating to their use.

image: Rob Cowan for Context

By way of a little CPD and a light-hearted (but important) quiz, members may be interested in trying to answer the following points on EPC’s:

  1. How many categories of EPC are there?
  2. What do the initials STBA stand for?
  3. What percentage of the current building stock do older and traditional buildings make up?
  4. When was the ruling on landlords being required to improve the EPC rating of their properties introduced?
  5. Who published the recent document ‘Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards and Heritage properties: mitigating risks through the procurement and interpretation of energy performance certificates’?

No (material) prizes are on offer, only the knowledge you are improving your CPD, while we’ll post the answers in a follow-up NewsBlog.

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