IHBC launches new accreditation ‘MATE’ web support: Our ‘Free, Friendly, Flexible and Informed’ help from your professional body – with sessions due in Newcastle (22/11) and London (28/11)

websiteThe IHBC has launched web guidance on its Membership Application Training Event (MATE) webpages, as a one-stop-shop to advise on our accreditation support sessions.


IHBC Education Secretary Andrew Shepherd said: ‘We’ve been developing this accreditation support programme for quite a few years now, beginning with interdisciplinary TeamStarter sessions developed for Affiliates and their colleagues in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire under my predecessor as Education Secretary, Bridget Turnbull.  The most high-profile outcome of that initiative is the offer by local IHBC members to host our 2021 Annual School in Scotland’s North East, and those plans are already under way.’

‘Clearly it’s about time we did a bit of a boast – and a bit more guidance – about the cross sector skills and accreditation support initiative that grew from that work, our IHBC MATE accreditation support sessions.’

‘Our new MATE webpage advising on these training events does that, and with the IHBC’s usual design flair and efficiency’. 

Sean O’Reilly, IHBC Director said: ‘MATE sessions are just one of many threads in the suite of resources we offer to help practitioners and sector colleagues.  With its links to other resources, this new web page makes that professional infrastructure much more accessible.  And if you want to get some more free heritage advice, support or training for your staff or colleagues, just get in touch!’ 

IHBC’s LETS Officer and lead on MATE sessions, Kate Kendall, said: ‘Having these professional accreditation resources accessible in one place – including links to our complementary support tools such as the SelfStater – makes this new site the perfect starting point for anyone commencing their application.’

‘Have a look at the pages and the feedback from colleagues who have attended previous sessions to get a feel for what they’re all about.’

‘The timing of the launch of the pages is happily in advance of the two forthcoming sessions taking place in Newcastle and London on the 22nd and 28th November respectively’.

For further details about MATE or forthcoming sessions please contact Kate Kendall lets@ihbc.org.uk or check out the new pages!!


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