One-year IHBC ‘taster’ free for students on IHBC Recognised Conservation Courses: IHBC’s free student membership ‘taster’ offer now extended to 2018-19*

IHBC free membership ‘one-time tasters’ are again on offer to new students on IHBC Recognised Conservation Courses – simply JOIN ONLINE!


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IHBC Education Secretary Andrew Shepherd said: ‘The Institute values the importance of the recognised courses in providing the required skills for our sector.  This offer makes a unique contribution to the upskilling of course participants.’

‘So I’m delighted that the IHBC is again offering this additional support to those on conservation courses recognised by the institute.  These courses deliver content in line with the IHBC’s ICOMOS-compliant professional and specialist standards, our ‘Areas of Competence’, and can only benefit from the added financial incentives we can offer.’

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘With new student members on IHBC-recognised conservation courses now able to receive their first ‘taster year’ of IHBC support as Affiliate members for free, we are formally linking independent conservation education to our specialist and ethical practice standards.’

‘This way the IHBC lays the foundations both for the future careers of new members, young and old, and for the best conservation outcomes for the built and historic environment under their care’.

IHBC Recognised Courses are listed on the website

The offer applies to students on courses subject to either Full or Select recognition. 

To apply
Simply fill out the short online registration form, identifying their course in the ‘Notes’ section

* Terms and conditions apply

  • Applicants must be applying as new members of the IHBC and be registered as students on a conservation course currently recognised by the IHBC
    • See details and listing
    • Students from conservation courses with either Full or Select recognition are eligible
    • UK addresses only may be used
  • The ‘taster’ offer does not apply to existing or recent members, and is a ‘one time only’ offer for any student
  • The offer applies only for one year (September to September) at which time renewal may be secured through fee support or payment as follows:
    • Anyone on low-income, including students renewing membership, may avail of the IHBC’s other membership fee support, detailed on our website
    • If membership is renewed in the September following the free taster, a reduced (50%) fee for a half-year period to the following April will apply
    • If not renewed, membership, as well as membership concessions, benefits and support, will be terminated
  • Students qualifying for the offer need only fill out the short online registration form, identifying their course in the ‘Notes’ section

Anyone on low wage, including students not qualifying for this offer, can find out more about fee support from the IHBC.

To join, students should complete the short online registration form and include the name of their course in the ‘Notes’ section.

For more background see below:

Free 1-year IHBC membership for new students on any IHBC Recognised Conservation Course: Another IHBC boost!

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