IHBC’s ‘Local Authority Skills’ website now ‘mobile friendly’: Content updates anticipated

websiteThe IHBC has upgraded its specialist website on ‘Local Authority Skills’ to make it ‘mobile friendly’, so it is more accessible for anyone using mobile technology such as smart phones and iPads etc.

IHBC’s past Chair Jo Evans, in her original introduction to the site’s current resources for England, writes: ‘In order to help you if you find yourself in the position where you have to justify your work as a conservation professional, the IHBC has drafted a statement detailing the vast range of work we do – notably identifying the statutory functions (so seldom realised). We have laid out how heritage investment supports civil society and economic growth and how it is the overriding reason why people visit this country and our historic towns and communities and the huge contribution made by tourism to wealth and jobs.’

‘You will find on the web site a detailed report on the statutory roles of the conservation professional and other responsibilities. It lists these along with examples of relevant Ombudsman cases and other useful information. There is a brief version with examples headlines and a more full version with further information and references.’

IHBC’s digital adviser Peter Badcock said: ‘Google analytics warns about non-mobile friendly websites, and these can reflect on search ratings.  So we have copied all the material across to the new platform, including all the ‘Pages under construction’ that await national Branch input.’

See more on the background to the site.

For England see ihbc.org.uk/skills/england/

Supporting links and resources include:

For more background see the original launch in the NewsBlogs

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