IHBC’s ‘heritage from the doorstep’: MP demands – Don’t sell off GII* listed Woolwich Barracks

websiteThe South London Press & Mercury has highlighted how MP Matthew Pennycook, who represents Greenwich and Woolwich, has attracted thousands of signatures to a petition to Government against the closure of Grade II* (GII*) listed Woolwich Barracks.

The South London Press & Mercury writes:

Matthew Pennycook, who represents Greenwich and Woolwich in the House of Commons, will present the petition to the Government in a bid to halt the sell-off. ‘Woolwich depends on the barracks and should stay a garrison town,’ he said.

The Ministry of Defence announced plans two years ago to sell the site for redevelopment as part of a plan to cut its land holdings by a third. The buildings there have been in use since 1802 and in 1973 the barracks were designated as a Grade II* listed building.

… One serving soldier, Kenny Janes, tweeted: ‘Was born in Woolwich and currently serving. This would be an absolute kick in the teeth if it was removed, why are they even thinking of it?’

Another, Josephine Pye, said: ‘In last 50 years, Woolwich has reinvented itself as one financial linchpin after another has come and gone. Had hoped for some stability with King’s Troop. Crashed again. As Woolwich born and bred, I’m extremely unhappy.’

Nick Gunning added: ‘The wholesale sell-off of public assets marches on. It cannot fill the black hole caused by austerity but it does follow the hard-right project to turn the state into minority shareholders in a massive private co-operation. Bye bye democratic accountability.’…

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