IHBC’s special Branch outreach and support uplift – All you need on your annual operations as new ‘IHBC Branch Operations’ and ‘Social Media Guidance’ launched!

publication coverAs part of the suite of responses to its Member Survey the IHBC has launched new ‘Branch Operations & Activities’ and ‘Branch Guidance on Social Media’, helping maintain standards in key volunteer-led operations. 

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘We’ve been working on these programmes since 2017 as the goalposts have been changing so much – from GDPR to technology,  new members and volunteers and capacity arising from our IHBC+ programme.

‘However the positive feedback from our 2017-18 survey spurred on both the finalising of guidance – to help underpin Branch services as highlighted in our survey feedback– and the progress on our governance, also currently under way.’ 

IHBC Operations Director Fiona Newton said: ‘The guidance will help IHBC Branches and their volunteers ensure that their operations and activities remain consistent with the professional standards of our institute and its membership’.

IHBC Branch & Events Support Officer Carla Pianese added: ‘This suite of guidance is designed to respond to recent survey responses that highlighted the need for greater consistency and better Branch recognition and promotion’.

‘We’d love to hear your feedback, so please do let me know what you think by emailing me at support@ihbc.org.uk.’

‘We’re also planning a Branch promotional document, so of course the feedback will help us shape that even more to our volunteers’ needs and members’ aspirations’.

The ‘IHBC Branch Operations & Activities’ is a short 8-pages document which includes five sections:

  1. Background, Branch resources and links
  2. Branch roles: Maintaining standards across the IHBC
  3. General principles: Event management and Branch Business Plans
  4. National oversight and standards
  5. Communications and branding

The IHBC has produced the ‘Branch Guidance on Social Media’ to support IHBC Branches in creating and managing a social media account which adheres to the IHBC’s principles and code of ethics. It’s a short 7-page document which includes three sections and five simple steps to create and manage your social media account, with tips and advice along the way! NB: this is a working draft and we welcome feedback from the Branches.

Download the IHBC Branch Operations Guidance

Download the IHBC Branch Guidance on Social Media

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