IHBC’s CPD boost with a twist: Context’s distillation in ‘Periodically’ … and fast too!

cartoonWith so little time to read the post on the desk or the emails popping into your inbox, Context readers can always easily extend their CPD knowledge base (and that of their colleagues, when sharing copies) by checking out our regular column distilling the contents of other leading heritage linked journals: Bob Kindred’s ‘Periodically’.

image: Rob Cowan

Context’s ‘Periodically’ rounds up a diverse selection of heritage industry publications, headlining key issues for specialists across the full spectrum of interdisciplinary conservation practice, and distilling the essential ‘need to know’ information that IHBC members need to know!

For example, in May 2018 ‘Periodically’ features:

  • Association for Studies in the Conservation of Historic Buildings) Transactions (Vol 40, 2018)- marking the 50th anniversary of the legislation that enabled the designation of conservation areas by highlighting Sir Donald Insall’s paper on the Chester Historic Town Study and Duncan McCallum’s summary of the current state of knowledge relating to conservation areas in England. Cathodic protection in Kew Temperate House and conservation approaches to work at Historic Royal Palaces are also reviewed.
  • The Victorian (No 57, March 2018) marks the 60th since the formation of the Victorian Society- a decade-by decade timeline is available showing key areas of campaign, and updates on London statues and northern mills given
  • March 2018 issue of Natural Stone Specialist- highlights hard-landscaping projects in the last few years have been carried out using stone quarried in Britain and reports on the restoration of the alabaster-and-marble reredos designed by the writer Thomas Hardy for All Saints Church, Windsor.

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