IHBC’s 2018 members survey feedback No3: Our thoughts on sundry ‘issues as submitted’ – IHBC members can take a look!

As trustees continued to build on the IHBC’s 2017-18 Member Survey and its positive results – such as 92% of members satisfied or very satisfied with services, and 94% likely or very likely to recommend IHBC membership – in April IHBC they received a report that included itemised consideration of membership concerns, as reported in the extract below.

IHBC Chair James Caird said: ‘It is great to see such positive feedback overall from members of all categories, but we do also recognise the challenges faced.’

‘Critical to addressing those challenges is the informed analysis of – and response to – concerns raised by members across the survey.’

‘The extract below, taken from the April report to trustees from the IHBC’s National Office, shows just how seriously we take our members’ concerns.

‘With these thoughts at the front of our collective mind, we look forward to the next stage of our evolution that, in line with our corporate planning, will focus on governance and building the best from our experiences with ‘IHBC+’.’

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly added: ‘The report presentation here has been adapted and simplified to be read effectively on our NewsBlog service, while Branch representatives can be contacted for further details.

‘The listing is included on the NewsBlogs as part of our formal feedback to respondents and to our membership as whole’.

‘And most especially, if you do recognise your concerns listed below, and think that we may not have addressed them adequately or responded effectively in light of our wider operations, please do feel free to contact me direct, most easily by email at director@ihbc.org.uk’. 

NB: Note on NewsBlog formatting of report

  • Comments are verbatim where possible, and numbered, with IHBC responses and updates indented and italicized.
  • Most responses cross reference to the more general overarching report re-posted online
  • New initiatives specifically addressing concerns listed are in bold.

In April 2018, the IHBC’s National Office reported to IHBC trustees and company directors as follows below:

  1. I sometimes feel I have to apologise for being a member of the IHBC and this is a great shame given that what it does is, taken as whole, greatly to be commended
    1. See A in https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=20044
    2. Disciplinary Process in place since 2010: http://ihbc.org.uk/resources/IHBC-AGM_2010.pdf
    3. Branch Officers guidance in place https://www.ihbc.org.uk/branches/branch_guide/index.html
    4. Additional guidance on Branch management with trustees 12 April 2018.
  2. The membership application process is still quite cumbersome
    1. See B in https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=20044
    2. Feedback to unsuccessful candidates still a ’sensitive’ issue but overseen by senior trustee.
  3. Now far too heavily focused on private sector members
    1. See C in https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=20044
    2. Code of Conduct and accreditation requirements (Testimonial and Areas of Competence) reflect public sector origins of standards:
  4. The organisation is only interested in local authority conservation…
    1. See C in https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=20044
    2. HESPR services support private sector specifically, though open to public sector operations as well: https://www.ihbc.org.uk/hespr/
    3. CPD Recognised provider status open to private and public sector equally:
    4. Dedicated MATE sessions for private sector practices: e.g. https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=17035
  5. There is still too little done about getting all local authority conservation staff to become members
    1. See E in https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=20044, including
    2. Free membership support MATE sessions aimed at all members
    3. Local Planning Authority Quality Assurance strategy facing capacity problems in LPAs
    4. IHBC ‘Groups’ now in place to offer volunteers opportunities and support to address comparable concerns
  6. … disappointed not to get full membership and hardly any feedback given as to why…
    1. See B in https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=20044
    2. Free service, with pre-registration process and response letters as standard, overseen by senior trustee, and substantial effort put in by volunteers:
    3. Case may lie outside more recent support infrastructure
  7. How effective is the Code of Practice ? How many members have been censured ? IHBC seems to be reluctant to discuss this issue.
    1. See A in https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=20044
    2. Code of Conduct reviewed in Branch Connection Day in 2012 no substantive need for changes articulated: https://www.ihbc.org.uk/branches/branch_con_days/index.html
  8. The IHBC rest too much on its laurels and the work of others
    1. See C in https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=20044
    2. Business Plans with targeted agreed by members in 2007, 2010 (CP10), 2015 (CP20)
      1. CP2007-10 (https://www.ihbc.org.uk/business/docs/AGM%20Item%205%20-%20IHBC%20Corporate%20Plan%202007-2010.pdf) achievements included:
        1. Specification of new structures for national and branch committees and financial management
        2. First outlines for Disciplinary Procedures, and welcomed at 2010 AGM: https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=1284
      2. CP10: https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=11445
        1. 90% targets achieved in whole or part: 50 of 65 Priority 1 targets fully achieved or surpassed: c7 not achieved (CapacityBuild; Honorary Associates; Consultations guidelines; Enterprises plan (x2); Fundraising committee; Green links
        2. 80% Priority 2 achieved in whole or part, (7 not achieved): c.20% not achieved

For the initial background and responses see https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=20011 and for the summary see https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=20044.

For more background DOWNLOAD the Corporate Plan

See ‘IHBC’s ‘5 minute member survey’ launched’ at https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=17384 and reminder at https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=17554

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