See the ruins of Pompeii like you’ve never seen them before: Through the eyes of a Drone!

cobbled streetThe better part of two millennia after its entombment in ash and pumice by Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii ranks as one of Italy’s most popular tourist attractions, and now thanks to technology, entirely new views of Pompeii have also opened up.

image: Open Culture website

Open Culture writes:

The video… of the post takes a quick flight down one of Pompeii’s streets, which at first looks like nothing more than a faster, smoother version of the experience available to any visitor to the ruined Roman city. But then the perspective changes in a way it can only in a drone-shot video, revealing the sheer scale of Pompeii as does no possible vista from the ground….

These drone’s-eye-views may well spark in their viewers a desire to visit Pompeii that had never existed before, or even renew a previously existing desire to do so that has gone dormant…

Read more and view the video clip

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