IHBC’s 2018 Member Survey: National Review – Updates, feedback, clarifications and forward plans

To build on the IHBC’s 2017-18 Member survey [https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=18289] and its resoundingly positive results – such as 92% of members satisfied or very satisfied with services, and 94% likely or very likely to recommend IHBC membership – in April IHBC trustees received a report that included itemised consideration of membership concerns, as reported in the extract below.

IHBC Chair James Caird said: ‘It is great to see such positive feedback overall from members of all categories, but we do also recognise the challenges faced.’

‘Critical to addressing those challenges is the informed analysis of – and response to – concerns raised by members across the survey.’

‘The extract below, taken from the April report to trustees from the IHBC’s National Office, shows just how seriously we take our members’ concerns.

‘With these thoughts at the front of our collective mind, we look forward to the next stage of our evolution that, in line with our corporate planning, will focus on governance and building the best from our experiences with ‘IHBC+’.’

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly added: ‘The extract to trustees included below summarises the main issues raised by respondents, at least as we see them.’

‘They are included here as part of our formal feedback to respondents and to our membership as whole’.

‘Of course, these are early days, and a forthcoming NewsBlog from the report on the survey will consider specific points raised by respondents, item by item.  This way we can continue to move our services and support forward, learning all the lessons we can directly from our members.’

In April 2018, the IHBC’s National Office reported to IHBC trustees and company directors as follows:

The following five points – A-E – have been identified as the headline issues raised by respondents to the membership survey.   NB: Responses from the National Office are indented and in italics, with later updates in parentheses.

Members asked the IHBC to:
A.  ‘Improve consistency across promotion and regulation of standards’

We responded:

a.   We have a new overarching practice ‘Standard’ to frame current and future standards, our ‘Conservation Professional Practice Principles’ at https://app.box.com/s/1dtbjdrdtmstze684janojrpm7vlmeix, which has been widely circulated [http://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=16631] as well as now offering a unique suite of support for the British Standard, BS 7913 [http://ihbc.org.uk/bs/]

b.   We now offer a suite of practice guidance – IHBC’s Toolbox [https://ihbconline.co.uk/toolbox/] – notably our ‘Research Notes’ https://ihbconline.co.uk/toolbox/research_notes/index.html and ‘Guidance Notes’ https://ihbconline.co.uk/toolbox/guidance_notes/index.html

c.    Substantial disciplinary processes have been operational since 2007 [https://www.ihbc.org.uk/join/page33/index.html], and in place formally with fully accessible on-line guidance since 2010, with 12 of 14 cases successfully closed.  Though no memberships have been terminated, to date at last 3 have resigned membership or accreditation rather than face disciplinary processes: https://ihbc.org.uk/resources/IHBC-AGM_2010.pdf

d.   CPD assessment has been operating selectively since 2008 and formally since 2011: https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=24

Members asked the IHBC to:
B.  ‘Enhance support for IHBC accreditation’

We responded:

a.   A structured application process – free both to submit and to change category – is supported by substantial pre-registration feedback with online support and guidance: https://ihbconline.co.uk/3new/join/applicant_guidance/index.html 

b.   Associate membership, introduced from 2014, now serves as structured ‘stepping stone’ to Full Membership: https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=10536; https://www.ihbc.org.uk/join/catagories/index.html and https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=8804

c.    Proposals to address the national heritage agencies ‘Home Countries Protocol’ [https://cotac.global/edinburghgroup/] on requirements for re-accreditation are in place with submission pending: See background at

d.   A review of our Membership Application Form is entering a second stage

e.   Free Membership Assessment Training Event (MATE) sessions around UK are available, both via Branches, HESPR members and other sector players including national heritage agencies, for example https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=17521

Members asked the IHBC to:
C.   ‘Refine and modernise governance and corporate planning, including balancing sector interests (e.g. private and public) and membership inclusion’

We responded:

a.   ‘IHBC+’ [https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=9169] has allowed us to lead engagement with new career entrants and volunteers, including though Council+ to help shape UK strategies with more diverse member input, e.g. https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=17451

b.   A review of governance is under way for 2020, in line with our current Corporate Plan, CP20, agreed by our AGM: https://ihbc.org.uk/news/docs/IHBC%20Corporate%20Plan%202015-20%20-%20%27CP20%27%20-%20Adopted%20AGM%2019%20June%202015.pdf

c.    The legacy of AGM-agreed Corporate Plans establish structures and inform trajectory and balance of our strategic planning [https://www.ihbc.org.uk/page67/index.html] [UPDATE: Our progress on governance has been flagged up as part of our response to this survey: https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=20011]

d.   We have in place an active strategy underpinning more structured links and relationships across the sector, using a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ (MOU) to manage and build partnerships: https://www.ihbc.org.uk/mous/index.html.

Members asked the IHBC to:
D.  Extend support for voluntary and Branch operations and service standards:

We responded:

a.   We are already leading the way with our IHBC+ programmes [https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=9169]

b.   On funding and investment, even before the appointment of a dedicated Branch and Events Support Officer (BES), Carla  [https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=12263], our Branch allocations have increased between 25% and 50% as part of delivering our ‘CP20’ Action Plan: https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=11543 and https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/CP20-Action-Plan-WORKING-DRAFT-for-consultation-v.101115.pdf-.pdf

c.    Branch guidance has been developed [https://ihbc.org.uk/branches/branch_guide/index.html] with a substantial update and extension on its way

d.   Branch support and linkages are now underpinned by UK-wide events notices on our NewsBlogs: https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=18008

e.   The nascent initiative of ‘IHBC Groups’ offers a ‘light touch’ oversight to help empower volunteers who have sympathetic agendas or objectives, for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHtr5lxnbfc&t=0s&index=10&list=PL4V-VYwTrjM3ayl67AsEyO26chwTuOfgl

Members asked the IHBC to:
E.   Better embed research and advocacy in services while also reflecting membership scope and balance

We responded:

a.   Current member profiles confirm the predominance of private sector members, as does our trustee profile [https://ihbc.org.uk/policy/docs/IHBC%20Briefing%20Note%20August%202016.pdf] while practice standards and support are designed to operate equitably across private and public sectors, including:

i.    ToolBox: https://ihbconline.co.uk/toolbox/
ii.    NewsBlogs: https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/
iii.    SelfStarter: https://www.ihbc.org.uk/selfstarter/

b.   Communications Strategy: https://ihbc.org.uk/page67/index.html and https://ihbc.org.uk/eLetters/eletter28March17.pdf as well as the national office delivery plan reported at https://ihbc.org.uk/eLetters/eletter29September17.pdf


For more background and key links see https://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=20011

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