Director jailed after employees burn to death

Simon Thomerson, Director of Clearview Design & Construction Ltd, has been jailed for eight months after pleading guilty to a health & safety breach that resulted in two brothers working for the company being burnt to death, as reported by the Stone Specialist.

The Stone Specialist writes:

Ardian and Jashar Lamallari had been employed as labourers to clean floors using thinners. They were working inside an industrial unit on 3 October 2015 when fumes from the thinners caught alight explosively. The brothers suffered near 100% burns and died within 12 hours of the incident. A third man who was working with them also suffered severe burns, but survived. Luton Crown Court heard this month (9 July) how Simon Thomerson, the sole owner and Director of Clearview Design & Construction Ltd, had been contracted by the owners of an industrial park in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, to refurbish several of the units. It was in one of those units that the brothers were burnt alive.

A joint investigation into the incident by Hertfordshire Police and the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) determined that Mr Thomerson had supplied the three men with several litres of highly flammable ‘thinners’ that they poured on to the floor of one of the units to remove old carpet tile adhesive.

The investigation found that Mr Thomerson had given no serious consideration to the safe use of the thinners, despite the obvious warnings on the containers. …

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