‘Subcontracting Growth Report’ – Now published

websiteA report on the growth of subcontracting – ‘A study of UK subcontractors in 2018’ – has been published by Bibby Financial Services.

Bibby Financial Services writes:

Key findings of Subcontracting Growth Report:

  • Subcontractors take on an average of 45 new contracts each year.
  • The average contract value is £205,077.
  • 56% say they have no bargaining power and have to accept contract terms stipulated by main contractors or risk losing business.
  • 47% say that the collapse of Carillion has made them wary of working with large main contractors.
  • 82% say they support mandatory payment terms for all public sector suppliers and 69% say there should be better public reporting of supply chains.
  • Subcontractors have an average of 26 weeks’ work in the pipeline, compared with 22 in 2016.

Read more and download the report

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