IHBC’s free ‘MATE’ sessions – Supporting accreditation across HESPR members’ staff: Woodhall Conservation, Purcell and RSK

logosKate Kendall, IHBC’s Learning Education, Training and Standards (LETS) Officer – and our lead on training for IHBC accreditation – has undertaken another three, well-received Membership Application Training Event (MATE) sessions – with members of the IHBC’s HESPR quality assurance scheme for commercial and corporate conservation practices: Woodhall Conservation, Purcell and RSK – to help staff understand the accreditation process and develop applications.

Seán O’Reilly said: ‘The IHBC’s MATE sessions offer talks and exercises to break down the application process, explore the IHBC’s Areas of Competence and our Conservation Cycle model, while also answering specific queries and concerns on cases and training priorities.’

‘These events ensure that applicants from any discipline or sector can get a common grounding in how the IHBC assesses interdisciplinary conservation standards in line with established national and international conservation standards, notably ICOMOS.’

‘Of course, as these events are free training and CPD, in line with our charitable obligations we give priority to IHBC members, Branches, networks and supporters, including commercial practices signed up to our HESPR quality assurance scheme.’

‘So MATE sessions are yet another benefit when you sign up to the IHBC’s built and historic environment conservation support and standards.’

Kate Kendall said: ‘If you are thinking about making your Full or Associate membership application to us, but you are not sure where to start, why not look to our popular and free MATE sessions, hosted by arrangement with our Branches, groups and businesses.’

‘The sessions help you understand the application and assessment processes and guide you on skills development – including CPD priorities – and on approach the all-important case studies that demonstrate your conservation competence.’

Feedback form the recent sessions include:

  • Marc Pearson from Woodhall Conservation said: ‘Kate provided an excellent overview of the IHBC application process in a succinct manner.  The session alleviated my concerns regarding the content of my membership application and as a result I intend to finalise the submission in the coming weeks.’
  • Tracey Gullick of Purcell said: ‘I found yesterday’s session most helpful.  The application, initially, seems overwhelming but your presentation and breakdown of the process, with a summary of how to approach each section, made an application seem achievable.’
  • Following the latest session with RSK, Andy Towle, Archaeology and Built Heritage Team Leader said: ‘The IHBC Membership Seminar was excellent. Kate was very patient with our many questions, and reassuring that our previous professional experience in the heritage sector might be used to demonstrate the competencies required by the application. I would recommend attending these sessions to anyone else considering applying to IHBC but nervous of the application procedure.’

Forthcoming sessions in the IHBC’s Branches include the South Branch in September, in Oxfordshire.

If you are interested please contact Kate for more details lets@ihbc.org.uk

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