World Heritage UK technical meeting report out: ‘Commercial Best Practice in World Heritage’

websiteWorld Heritage UK held a technical meeting in March 2018 on the theme of ‘Commercial Best Practice in World Heritage’, and the report detailing the discussions and future actions is now available, and includes an appendix on visitor numbers and characteristics.

In its Workshop Report World heritage UK writes:

During the course of WHUK’s Technical meeting held at Kew in March 2018, with the theme of ‘Commercial Best Practice in World Heritage’, a number of workshop discussion sessions were held. Delegates were divided into three groupings and, in the main, these groups remained the same for each of the three workshop sessions.

Each session was themed:

  1. Understanding the Market
  2. How to Develop Your Package
  3. How to Deliver Commercially

The intention was to draw out examples of good (or failed) practice in order to learn from each Site and to see if there are issues in common. These best practice examples and possible future actions were shared in the feedback session at the end of the meeting. Discussion often overlapped between the three Workshop topics so there was a certain amount of duplication. In addition, a lot of information was gleaned on visitor numbers and other characteristics of visitors for many of the UK’s World Heritage Sites; this is summarised in the Appendix.

Download the Report

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