IHBC welcomes PLACE Alliance & partners research: ‘Reviewing design review in London’

cartoonThe IHBC has welcomed a new study by PLACE Alliance and partners – Reviewing design review in London – examining design review cases in London to provide ‘a 360-degree analysis of the diversity of design review practices across London and the benefits that flow from high quality provision.’

image: Place Alliance by Rob Cowan

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘The research partnership in this project was led by the PLACE Alliance, a link body represented best by the integrated, interdisciplinary place-focussed aspirations of its titular acronym ‘PLACE’: Planning, Landscape, Architecture, Conservation and Engineering.’

‘These priorities nicely link the core skill sets and disciplines on which place management depends, while the consortium led by the Alliance in this research including UCL, Urban Design London and the Mayor of London.’

PLACE Alliance writes of its research:

Overwhelmingly those interviewed, from all sides, were positive about the purpose and value of design review, accepting that for a modest cost the process did improve design.  For those managing, commissioning, serving on, or presenting to design review panels, the aspirations for review are clear and unified.  They focus on achieving better design and placemaking than would otherwise be achieved without design review.  Developers tend to be more circumspect about design review than these groups, but also accepted that the process is a necessary means to raise the standard of design.

The research revealed that generally the practice and experience of design review across London is improving, although there remain some important challenges.

For the study see LINK

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For more background see the Place Alliance website at placealliance.org.uk and links to ‘About us

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