IHBC 2018 Belfast School reflections: Spotlight on IHBC’s joint Conservation Professional Practice Principles update – Comments sought by September

At the 2018 Annual School ‘Spotlight’ session IHBC’s Communications and Outreach Chair Dave Chetwyn reported on progress with the joint IHBC, HTVF, Civic Voice conservation standard ‘Conservation Professional Practice Principles’, and called for any thoughts on the planned update to be emailed to the IHBC by September.

Dave Chetwyn said: ‘Working with historic places and buildings involves a diverse and complex range of specialist skills, across different professional disciplines.  It is essential to employ professional teams from the necessary disciplines, with historic and built environment expertise.’

‘As the ‘Principles’ statement recognises international, national and devolved UK legislation, policy and statements, and how they operate in the real world, it puts practice standards at the heart of how we deliver successful conservation outcomes’.

‘We have already circulated copies with the Urban Design Group’s (UDG) journal, themed on ‘Urban Design and Conservation’, which included articles by myself and he IHBC’s Director, as well as to members of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists, which was included with their membership magazine.’

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly said: ‘With some 18,000 copies in or ready for circulation, we are now ready to advance our planned update.’

‘This offers us a chance to take on board thoughts and opinions from the wide range of disciplines and users that have recognised the value and importance of this genuinely cross-sector, interdisciplinary standard.’

Comments should be sent to the IHBC contact at contact@ihbc.org.uk

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