Defra consults on ‘Environmental Principles and Governance Bill’: Closing 2 August

countrysideThe Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has launched a consultation on the development of an Environmental Principles and Governance Bill.

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Defra writes:

When we leave the EU, we will be able to build on the successes achieved through our membership, and address the failures, to become a world-leading protector of the natural world. We have also published the 25 Year Environment Plan, which sets out this Government’s ambition for this to be the first generation that leaves the environment in a better state than that in which we inherited it. These good intentions must be underpinned by a strengthened governance framework  that supports our environmental protection measures and creates new mechanisms to incentivise environmental improvement.

***Since this consultation was launched, the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 has received Royal Assent (26th June, 2018)……..

Why we are consulting
We have launched this consultation on the development of an Environmental Principles and Governance Bill. This new piece of legislation will mark the creation of a new, world-leading, statutory and independent environmental watchdog to hold government to account on our environmental ambitions and obligations once we have left the EU. This new body will work alongside a new policy statement setting out the environmental principles that will guide successful and sustainable policy-making, marking the beginning of a new era for our environment.

This document addresses some of the key questions around how environmental principles should be embedded into law, public policy-making and delivery, and what functions and powers the new environmental watchdog should have to oversee environmental law and policy. It is set out in three parts [together with an introduction and a feedback question]:

Part 1 – Environmental Principles

Part 2 – Accountability for the Environment

Part 3 – Overall Environmental Governance

The consultation proposals apply to England and reserved matters only. The consultation opened on 10 may and closes on 2 August 2018

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