Incredible interactive panoramic cityscape lets you ‘fly’ across London at sunset

websitePeople seeking a bird’s-eye view of London can now ‘fly’ across the capital using an incredible interactive online tool.

The Evening Standard writes:

Aerial photographer Andrew Griffiths specialises in taking cityscape pictures from a bird’s eye view – with New York, Sydney and Melbourne already part of his portfolio of stunning locations.  In May he turned his attention to London and spent several days flying over the capital to collect images and footage. He then merged these together to create the interactive tool that spans the length and breadth of the city. The viewer is able to navigate using arrows on the screen and enjoy an entire 360 degree tour of London in all its glittering glory. As you travel across the city the light changes and the sun sets – transforming London into a beautiful display of city lights and pink sky.

The user can zoom to different London landmarks – such as Hyde Park, Blackfriars and St Paul’s Cathedral.  A special ‘mini planet’ feature allows the user to zoom out and see London from the perspective of as if it were its own planet.

The Australian photographer, who works under the name Lensaloft, had to seek authority from Air Traffic Control in order to be allowed to fly over the busy city at a certain time. He said, due to ‘tricky’ London weather, he took four flights and spent more than 5 hours in the air….

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