IHBC’s new Context journal out: ‘Working with lime and stone’

publication coverThe latest issue of the IHBC’s membership journal Context is now out, themed around ‘working with lime and stone’ it focuses on current issues concerning the conservation of masonry structures and related matters, while also carrying the usual regular features such as book reviews, reports from the IHBC Chair and Director and much more.

IHBC member Alison Henry, of Historic England, was guest commissioning editor for the issue, while articles include:

  • Clara Willett and Chris Wood, who introduce the Strategic Stone Study, Historic England’s county-by-county survey which identifies building stones used nationwide, and maps their sources and representative buildings and structures.
  • Emily Harper and Sue Penaluna, describing how, even within environmentally sensitive areas, it has been possible to achieve planning permission to reopen two historic building stone quarries for the repair of Exeter Cathedral.
  • David Odgers, writing about developments in stone consolidants, showing that they have a role as a treatment of last resort, to be used only after other options for slowing the rate of deterioration have been considered.
  • Alison Henry – who has our special thanks for her help in commissioning the articles in this issue – explores concerns about the strength of natural hydraulic limes and how they have triggered renewed interest in traditional mortars, and in hot-mixing in particular.
  • Conservation engineers Michael Beare and James Miller provide an overview of the role of mortar and its constituents in masonry, pointing out that strength is rarely a significant requirement.
  • Jessica Hunnisett advises specifiers on mortar analysis as, used correctly, she examines how the analysis can provide a useful tool in the development of a specification, but at worst, it may lead to inappropriate specifications being accepted.

Themed content is only a part of what any Context has to offer as CPD, as regular features and new articles also are on offer, inlcuding:

  • Theatre-going readers, among others, will be reassured to read the outline by John Stewart of good practice in inspecting historic fibrous plaster ceilings. Once again, investigations and research are pushing lime technology rapidly forward, and everyone involved in conservation needs to keep abreast of the outcomes.

Reading Context helps IHBC members develop their skills across all of the IHBC’s Areas of Competence, and so is a critical baseline in addressing priorities in Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

To access Context:

  • IHBC Members: See your postbox, if you don’t already have it by your desk or bed
  • Non-members: Go to the Context Archive

As ever, themed issues of Context also include more general conservation articles as well as news, book reviews and reports from IHBC’s officers.

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