IHBC’s ‘Heritage from the doorstep’: Labour bid to save Maida Vale Studios

buildingLabour has stepped in to stop the historic London building and recording studios, Maida Vale Studios, from being bulldozed as the BBC prepares to sell it, as reported by The Evening Standard.

image: By John Andrew, CC BY-SA 2.0,

The Evening Standard writes:

… the recording studios, a former roller- skating rink taken over by the Corporation in the 1930s, would close, with staff departing by 2022 and the freehold offered up for sale.

But Geoff Barraclough, the ward’s Labour representative, wants Historic England to list the building, ensuring it can’t be sold to rapacious London developers and bulldozed. ‘The BBC Maida Vale Studios are an integral part of the nation’s musical heritage and it’s sad to see the BBC pay so little regard to our cultural history,’ says Barraclough…

Maida Vale Studios… was the site of Bing Crosby’s final recordings. The Beatles, Beyoncé and Girls Aloud have recorded there and David Bowie (far left) gave a special concert in the building in 2002. It was also the setting for the John Peel Sessions for Radio 1…

… Barraclough’s fear is that the vacated building will be another victim of London’s rapid redevelopment. ‘There is a strong risk that the site is simply bulldozed and turned into unaffordable luxury flats,’ he tells Wood & Vale.

Historic England is yet to receive a proposal for the site listing.

Asked if they were onside, the BBC said: ‘It is a matter for Historic England’.

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