DCMS Areas of Research Interest

websiteThe first Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Areas of Research Interest (ARI) publication has been issued, summarising the most important research questions facing DCMS.

DCMS writes:

This document sets out the collective areas of research interest that are important to DCMS for good policy and decision-making.

It outlines DCMS’s interest in existing evidence and best practice and highlights areas where we encourage new research and discussion.

These include:

  • Research on the economic and social impacts of heritage on local surroundings e.g. on house prices/businesses, increasing mutual understanding and cohesion etc.
  • Evidence to help understand the impact heritage can have on an individual e.g. the role of heritage in daily life and the relationship between heritage and identity, health and well-being.
  • Further analysis into the diversity of the museums sector (employees and volunteers), particularly at senior levels and visitors (by age, socio-economic background, disability, ethnicity, gender, sexuality).
  • Greater evidence of the wider impacts of museums (e.g. on physical and mental wellbeing, house prices, community cohesion).
  • Further research into the drivers of cultural engagement and participation, in particular by age, socio-economic background, disability, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality.
  • Research into evolving preferences and supply of culture due to technological innovations, in particular the role digital culture can play in reaching new and existing audiences.

MHCLG’s research interests include:

  • Evidence requirements linked to the Government’s Integrated Communities Strategy around what works to promote better integration at local levels, and removing the barriers to integration;

Exploring ways to measure, monitor and evaluate integration at a national and local level and working with other Departments to boost the quality of evidence on migration and integration impacts.

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